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Hitsuzen RPG

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It seems ... something is amiss ... [Jul. 16th, 2007|04:01 pm]
Hitsuzen RPG

Who: Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

When: When Kurogane came

Where: In front of Yuuko's shop

Warnings: I borrowed a bit of Kurogane's entry, so watch out for his naughty mouth!

Sort of a continuation of http://community.livejournal.com/hitsuzen_rp/1348.html.

    "Witch!" Fai spun around to find Kurogane yelling at Yuuko. "You... What the fuck! You can't just pull me away from the others with no fucking warning! Something important was happening, and you just had to randomly butt in! What the hell do you want?
     "Now now, Kurogane, let's not do anything rash. I'm sure Yuuko san has a good reason for bringing us here."
    Fai looked to the Witch expectantly, but he already knew what this was about. For the past week, he had felt a steadily growing force of unbalance. Only a corner of it was showing in Celes before they left, but he could feel that it would soon start growing. The worlds were going to start falling apart soon; maybe they already had.
    Knowing that,
he thought, I don’t think I could just stay here and act like nothing is happening. Especially … if Sakura-chan’s feathers were to be destroyed too.
    He stopped himself. He was getting too close again, caring too much.
    And … and besides, I might be able to travel to more worlds faster if I do something about it. I’ll keep the others out of danger if I’m gone …

    He stepped up and placed a hand on Kurogane's shoulder.
    "So, let's put Kurogane at ease and figure out what's going on."
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This ain't right [Jul. 16th, 2007|05:03 pm]
Hitsuzen RPG

Who: Kurogane [TRC].
When: The same time as Seishirou.
Where: Yuuko's front yard
Warnings: Aside from Kurogane's hardcore ninja mouth, none.

Kurogane sat up.

His ninja instincts told him something was wrong, and something damn well was very, incredibly wrong. The last thing he remembered was Celes, and... Celes, as far as he knew, didn't have grass. He shrugged off his heavy, fur-lined coat, then looked around, scarlet eyes narrowing sharply as he breathed in the unfamiliar air and took in the unfamiliar sights. Something about this place... Was very familiar. Had he been here before? No, there was no possiblity the manjuu could have taken them to a world they had previously been—

—but he could not recall leaving Celes.

He leapt up, hands clenching and unclenching around the hilts of invisible swords. The ninja looked around wildly, his face forming a sneer, before he turned around.

"Witch!" He snapped, his eyes falling on Yuuko's tall form. "You... What the fuck! You can't just pull me away from the others with no fucking warning! Something important was happening, and you just had to randomly butt in! What the hell do you want?"
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Not happy with the situation [Jul. 16th, 2007|01:16 pm]
Hitsuzen RPG


Who: Sakurazuka Seishiro (from 'X')
When: ... Hum... Some time after TRC Subaru's arrival?
Where: Yuko's front yard
Warnings: Should be safe

Seishiro frowned as he came awake, since when his bed had been so uncomfortable? No, a better question would be, since when his bed had been of the front yard of a small house surrounded by tall buildings? And actually... where was his bed? he didn't remember choosing to sleep on the grass for a change... it wouldn't do to his image and might end up ruining his clothes and he had already too many problems with clothes irreparably ruined due to his work...
It was in that moment he noticed the woman and she felt definitely powerful. Putting up his best facade of harmless veterinarian and preparing himself to strike, if needed, he smiled amiably.
"Excuse me, madam, but I fear I'm a little lost..."
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Waking up alone... [Jul. 16th, 2007|12:47 pm]
Hitsuzen RPG


Who: Subaru (from 'TRC')
When: Early in the morning after X Subaru's arrival
Where: Yuko's front yard
Warnings: Should be safe

Subaru blinked sleepily, then slowly rubbed his face and searched blindly for his twin but... Kamui wasn't next to him.
He sat up, trying to keep his worry at bay (surely Kamui had merely gone somewhere for a walk... Kamui never leave him alone... maybe he went to search for food or something... but...) and looked around feeling utterly confused.
That wasn't where he'd gone to sleep the night before.
Absently his hand moved to the pendant he wore around his neck. Did they jump in another dimension without him noticing? Though the place looked suspiciously familiar... could it be that...
He blinked again, trying to chase away his sleepiness and it was in that moment he realized he wasn't alone.
He stood gracefully and bowed politely.
"Good morning, Yuko-san. I fear somehow I ended up in your front yard again..."
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Awakening [Jul. 15th, 2007|11:53 pm]
Hitsuzen RPG

Subaru blinked, stared at the sky, and blinked again.  This was not his apartment.

He rolled over on the grass and levered himself upright with one hand.  In front of him was a traditional house, with a tall woman standing in front of it.

"Excuse me," Subaru said to the woman.
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